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In 1999 I wrote The Oil Creek Flemings of Venango County, Pennsylvania, with related families McClintocks, Culbertsons, Jamisons, Lytles, Morrisons, Watsons and Hendersons, Volume 1, 586 pages, and Volume 2, 466 pages. I also treated several families that were associated with the eight surname units by marriages or family history events: the Shreves, Smalls, Stewarts, McCaslands/McCaslins, Neills, McFates, Hunters, Holmdens and Storys. There was also a section on oil and our Oil Creek ancestors. The two volumes are now out of print. This 2006 web site version (updated 2008) of the Oil Creek Flemings is from the 1999 books, with a minor update because of the availability of the 1930 federal census. This web site pertains only to the surname Fleming, but includes the section on oil and our Oil Creek ancestors. Although this online version pertains only to the Flemings per se, there is a section “Descendants Reports” that lists the first three generations of the other seven surnames.


The Oil Creek Flemings
and related families

Hugh Fleming Clifford
© 1999

With special reference to the ancestors
and descendants of
Edith Marie (Fleming) Clifford

To the memory of Mom and Dad

Copyright © Canada, by Hugh F. Clifford,   1999, 2004

All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions


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Copyright © Canada, by Hugh F. Clifford 1999, 2004

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