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Generation Three

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14. JOHN3 H. FLEMING (Daniel2, John1); born 12 November 1805,213 died 11 January 1860214 in Harmony, Forest County, Pennsylvania, probably buried in Fleming Cemetery, Harmony Township, present–day Forest County;215 married (first) 11 March 1824 ZUBA ELDERKIN; married (second) ELIZABETH GREEN; married (third) RUTH THOMPSON. Many deeds and other documents refer to John as John H. Fleming, but I have never seen a document spelling out his middle name. A guess would be Hardy, after his mother’s maiden name.

Zuba Elderkin was born 10 October 1807 in Nunda, Livingston, New York;216 died 1867 in Warren, Conewango Township, Pennsylvania.217 After John and Zuba divorced, Zuba married three more times:218 Charles Harrington (in 1856, William Fleming, brother of John H., sold land in Tionesta Township to a Charles Harrington of Tionesta Township219), David Campbell and an unknown Allen.220 Here is what Elderkin (1888), page 50, has to say about Zuba and her four marriages: “After parting with her first husband, she kept house for her father a number of years. She was industrious, and had some talent, but was a poor judge of the qualities of men. Her first husband was the best of the four.” One of Zuba’s sisters was Clarissa Mary Elderkin, born 5 February 1810, who married P. H. Siverly, of the Oil City Siverlys.221 For more information on the Siverlys, see end note #221.

William Fleming, son of Daniel Fleming [Sr.], was the grantee of three John B. Elderkin deeds in Forest County,222John B. Elderkin being a brother of Zuba Elderkin Fleming. This John B. (Bela) Elderkin married in 1838 Mary Jane Waleston (Walleston).223 One would suspect she was related to Mrs. Rachel (Tuttle) Walleston (or Walleston) Fleming, wife of Buell Fleming (#63).

The Elderkins were from New England. Zuba’s parents, Bela and Susan (Bates) Elderkin, moved from Connecticut to Nunda, Livingston County, New York, to present–day Forest County (where he was in the lumber business), to Chautauqua, New York. Late in life Bela lived with his married daughter Mary Siverly in Oil City, where he died 3 August 1853. Besides Zuba, Mary and John Bela, there were seven other children, one being Dyer White Elderkin, born 9 April 1817, who was the source for this information via his 1888 genealogy: The Elderkin family, with intermarriages—see References section. Hence his descriptions of the Flemings would be first–hand

There is a distant relationship between Zuba Elderkin’s ancestors and our Flemings through my granddaughter, Jacqueline Clifford.

Fleming-Elderkin relationship

In 1840, John and family were in Cherrytree Township.224 By 1850 they had moved to Allegheny (a part that is in present–day Forest County) Township.225 In the late 1840s and early 1850s, John H. Fleming was active buying and selling land in Tionesta Township, present–day Forest County, and Cherrytree Township, Venango County.226

John H. Fleming's will was written 6 December 1859, recorded 11 February 1860.227 Witnesses were William M. Richardson and David Ball. Executors were brother Andrew Fleming and “my brother–in–law” Enoch Jewett. Major bequeaths were to wife Ruth Fleming and son Samuel Thompson Fleming. Also mentioned were “my five other children, viz Hiram J., Buell S., Nancy Fleming, Joseph G. and Silas A.”

In 1864, the heirs of John H. Fleming deceased, sold 433 acres of land in Harmony Township for $500 to George S. Long and William Aaron of Oil City.228 Heirs mentioned were Hiram Fleming and wife Nancy, Buell S. Fleming (no mention of wife), Joseph Fleming and wife Mary, and John Main and wife Nancy H., formerly Nancy H. Fleming. There was no mention of Silas Fleming and Samuel T. Fleming.

Children of John and Zuba (Elderkin) Fleming:

+   62 i. Hiram4 J. Fleming; born 22 February 1826 in Oil City, Cornplanter Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania; died 1887; buried Wellington, Summer County, Kansas; married 10 March 1851 Nancy Hogue (Hoge).
+   63 ii. Buell S. Fleming; born 7 March 1828; died 16 January 1886 in Harrison County, Missouri; married (first) Mrs. Rachel (Tuttle) Walleston; married (second) Elizabeth Mires.
+   64 iii. Nancy H. Fleming; born 7 May 1830 in present–day Forest County, Pennsylvania; died 31 October 1911; married October 1853 in Warren County, Pennsylvania, John J. Main.

John H. Fleming married (second) December 1834229 Elizabeth Green, born 31 March 1811; died 13 June 1844; buried in Fleming Cemetery, Harmony, Forest County, Pennsylvania.230 According to a query in the Venango County Genealogical Club Newsletter, Spring 1992,231 Elizabeth Green was a daughter of James and Ruhame (Prather) Green of West Hickory, present–day Forest County. One brother of Elizabeth’s was Joseph Green of Tidioute, Deerfield Township, Warren County; he was born 4 March 1815; died 4 December 1868; buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Tidioute, where his stone reads “lost off the steamboat at Bail’s Landing on the Ohio.”232 Joseph died intestate, unmarried, and the children of Joseph Green Fleming—who was a son of Elizabeth (Green) Fleming—were declared the legal heirs of Joseph Green’s estate.233

Children of John and Elizabeth (Green) Fleming, all born in Venango County:

+   65 iv. Joseph4 Green Fleming; born 21 September 1835; died 4 December 1867; buried in Fagundus Cemetery, Forest County, Harmony Township; married Mary Ann Uhlenborg.
+   66 v. Silas Andrew Fleming; Silas Andrew Fleming, born 7 May 1837; died 20 December 1913; married Delilah Kessler.
  67 vi. Elizabeth Reheahemy (Ruhame?) Fleming; born 26 March 1844; died 22 November 1847.234

After Elizabeth Green Fleming died in 1844, John H. Fleming married (third), 14 June 1845, Ruth Thompson, born 6 July 1815; died 19 April 1868. One of Ruth Thompson's sisters was Martha Thompson, who married Enoch Jewitt. Enoch Jewitt acted as an executor of John Fleming's will. Both Ruth and Martha were daughters of Samuel and probably Samuel's second wife Margaret (Van Alstyne) Thompson.235

In 1850, the family (including John’s mother, Nancy Hardy Fleming) was enumerated in Allegheny Township, Venango County.236 Forest County was not enlarged to include the northeastern part of Venango County until 1866. In 1860, after John H. Fleming had died, Ruth and son Samuel and step–sons Joseph and Silas were enumerated in Harmony Township, where Ruth was reported as a farmer with real estate of $1,500 and personal estate of $700.237

Children of John and Ruth (Thompson) Fleming, all born in Venango County:

+   68 vii. Samuel4 Thompson Fleming; born 5 August 1854; died 12 March 1940; married Lena Zeller.

15. JAMES3 REED FLEMING (Daniel2, John1); born 1807 in Cherrytree Township, Venango County; married MARY ANN [—?—], born circa 1809,238 In 1864 she was not mentioned with her husband in a deed pertaining to heirs of Daniel Fleming.239 James’s middle name is known because of an undated obituary of his son, Andrew (see under #69). In 1840 and 1850, James, Mary and Andrew were enumerated in Cherrytree Township.240 A Hannah Baumburger, born circa 1835, was also in the household in 1850. In 1860, James and Mary were living alone in Cherrytree Township.241 I could not find James R. or Mary Ann Fleming in neither the 1870 or 1880 federal census.

Boggie (1996), page 341, suggests that Mary A. could have been Mary A. Knapp, who owned acreage next to James R. Fleming as shown on early Venango County maps. The post 1865 map of upper Oil Creek shows a tract of land for “Jas. R. Fleming and Richardson heirs.” This tract is close to the tract of John Fleming (son of Edward Fleming), or at the time, his wife Sarah E. and son Robert B. Fleming. Between the two Fleming tracts is a tract of “Noah Richardson (Mary A. Knapp).” Possibly the Mary A., wife of James Reed Fleming, if not a Knapp, was a Richardson. There are land transactions between James R. Fleming and Mary A. and Hiram Richardson242 and between James and Mary A. Fleming and Noah Richardson,243 both for land in Cherrytree Township. (There is also an 1839 patent from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth to James R. Fleming for a land patent in Cherrytree Township.244)

The location of James R. Fleming’s land on the post 1865 Oil Creek area map was next to Sarah E. Jamison Fleming’s tract, she being heir to her husband's (John R. Fleming, #32, son of Edward Fleming) land. The 1851 Venango County land deeds between John and Sarah Elizabeth Fleming to Smith Jones,245 and between James R. and Mary A. Fleming to Smith Jones246 show James R. Fleming having land bordering land of John Fleming, the land being part of a larger tract patented to Edward Fleming, deceased by 1851.

Child of James Reed and Mary A. [?] Fleming:

+   69 i. Andrew4 Jackson Fleming; born 21 January 1833; died 1930 in Detroit, Michigan; married 1857 Martha Peniah Jamison.

16. ANDREW3 SILAS FLEMING (Daniel2, John1); born circa 1811247 in Cherrytree Township, Venango County; died 31 August,1877 in Waterford, Erie County, Pennsylvania248; married NANCY [—?—], born circa 1817; died in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, 5 June 1854.249 Nancy Fleming is buried in Holeman Cemetery, Tionesta Township, Forest County. This cemetery is located at Hunter’s Station, Forest County.
From Venango Spectator (Franklin), 15 June 1854:
Died at Mercer [Mercer County] 05 June, Mrs. Nancy Fleming wife of Andrew Fleming, Esq., of Tionesta, age 37 years.

In 1843, Andrew Fleming and wife Nancy sold land to Andrew’s brother Daniel Fleming [Jr.]. This was land in Tionesta Township, present–day Forest County, which was property of Alexander McCalmont and sold to Andrew Silas Fleming in 1837.250 Witnesses were James Hilands and Alden Copeland, a brother–in–law of Andrew Silas Fleming—see #18.

In 1850, an Elizabeth McCray was in Andrew and Nancy’s household in Tionesta Township.251 McCrays were known to have married Copelands of Rachel (Fleming) Copeland’s clan, Rachel being Andrew’s sister. In 1850, Andrew was listed as a Justice of the Peace (his name is on many deeds in Venango County Court House Records). In 1860, Andrew was living in Tionesta Borough with William Wright, born circa 1821, Elizabeth Wright, born circa 1829, and Augustus Wright, born circa 1853. Andrew was enumerated as a “retired merchant.”252 In 1870, Andrew, listed as a farmer, was living with his widowed sister, Rachel (Fleming) Copeland (Fogle), in LeBoeuf Township, Erie County; also in the household were Rachel’s son Daniel Copeland, listed as a farmer, and his family.253

Andrew Fleming was a pilot on the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers and “In the later part of his life he had poor health and became a dyspeptic, dying about two years ago in Crawford County [his obituary, see next, reports he died in Waterford, Erie County, which is probably correct since he was living with his sister Rachel in that area in 1870].”254

I have no information on Andrew and Nancy’s children, if any.

From Forest Republican, 12 September 1877:
Andrew Fleming, Esq., died at his residence in Waterford, Erie Co., on Aug. 31, aged about 69 years . . . one of the earliest residents of this place and was for several years engaged in the merchantile business with Hon, Jos. G. Dale. Moved to this section in 1826 and remained here until 1865 when he moved to Vineland, NJ, and from there to Waterford.

17. DANIEL3 FLEMING (Daniel2, John1); born 18 February 1813, died in Ringgold County, Iowa;255 married (first), in 1833, PHEBE ANN KING,256 born 30 July 1813; died 14 July 1844; buried in Fleming Cemetery, Harmony, Forest County.257 Phoebe Ann Fleming died shortly after her daughter Mary Fleming died. Daniel Fleming married (second) 18 February 1845 LORETTA COPELAND, born 30 July 1826; 258 died 1897 in Monroe, Iowa.259 Monroe, Iowa, is in Jasper County, Iowa, bordering on Wapello County, home of Daniel Fleming’s [Jr.] first cousin, Ezekiel Fleming [Jr.], see #40.

In 1850, Daniel, second wife Loretta and children Phebe, William, Nancy, Elizabeth and Julia were living in Tionesta Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania, where Daniel was farming. Daniel, Loretta and family (children: Elizabeth M., Julia, Daniel, Livingston, and Loretta C.) lived in Harmony Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania, in 1860. By 1880, Daniel and Loretta, and children Esther and Andrew were living in Grand River Decatur County, Iowa, where Daniel was enumerated as a farmer.260 Also in the household in 1860 was Margaret Fleming, born circa 1842 in Pennsylvania. I can not place her.

I have not been able to associate Loretta Copeland with the other Copelands of Forest and Venango County. There is no Loretta Copeland listed in Copeland (1937)—there is a Loetta Harriet Copeland but she was not born until 1851. Nevertheless, I suspect that the Loretta that married Daniel Fleming was related to the Copeland (1937) clan and therefore was related to Alden Copeland who married Daniel’s sister Rachel Fleming. In 1850 Daniel, Loretta and family were in Tionesta Township.261

Daniel was not mentioned as an heir of Daniel Fleming [Sr.] in an 1864 deed.262 This seems strange. Assuming the birth year of his last child, Andrew Ulysses Grant Fleming, born 28 November 1867 in Illinois, is correct, Daniel would have still been alive. However, an 1865 Orphans Court document of Joseph G. Dale, guardian of Samuel T. Fleming, does mention Daniel [Jr.] as an heir.263

Children of Daniel and Phoebe Ann (King) Fleming:264

+   70 i. Phebe4 Ann Fleming, born 11 May 1836; married 1 January 1860 Benjamin F. Delo.
  71 ii. William Harrison Fleming, born 21 November 1838; died 20 May 1862. William, a Private, died during the Civil War, Union side. He enlisted 3 August 1861, Company F, 5th Regiment, Excelsior Brigade, wounded 5 May 1862 in the Battle of Williamsburg; died 20 May 1862 in a Baltimore, Maryland, hospital. William is buried in Section A, Site 838, in Loudon Park National Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.265
  72 iii. Nancy Louise Fleming, born 28 April 1841; died 22 June 1881; married 1 January 1860 to Bernard Gorman. The 1885 State census reports a Bernard Gorman, born circa 1839 in Pennsylvania, living in Monroe Township, Ringgold County, Iowa.
  73 iv. Mary Mariah Fleming, born 15 November 1843; died 30 June 1844.

Daniel Fleming

From left: Esther Coralinn Fleming (1862-), Daniel Fleming (1813 -), Andrew Ulysses Fleming (1867-1953), Loretta (Copeland) Fleming (1826-), and Livingston Alden Fleming (1855-1939). Photo taken circa 1870 in Kellerton, Ringgold County, Iowa. Photo generously provided by Fern Alice Baldozier-Fleming (c/o of her son Richard Fleming, P. O. Box 756, Boone, Iowa 50036 0756).

Children of Daniel and second wife Loretta (Copeland) Fleming:266

  74 v. Elizabeth Matilda Fleming, born 11 February 1846 in Venango County, Pennsylvania.
  75 vi. James Leroy Fleming, born 20 May 1848 in Venango County; died 1 March 1850
  76 vii. Julia Fidelia Fleming, born 28 August 1849 in Tionesta, then part of Venango County; married 31 August 1871 Allen Harshbarger.
  77 viii. Daniel Riley Fleming, born 14 April 1851 in Venango County; married 21 July 1881 Sarah McGlain (McClain?); born September 1860 in Iowa. After Daniel died, Sarah J. married John A. Jackson; born November 1849 in Illinois; this was his second married. By 1910, Sarah had died, and John A. Jackson was living with his daughter Mabel (by his first wife) and her family in Athens Township, Ringgold County, Iowa (census page 9B).
Children of Daniel and Sarah (McClain) Fleming known from the federal censuses (both born in Iowa):
(a) Stella M. Fleming; born April 1882 in Iowa. In 1900, Stella, single, was living with her mother and step-father, John A. Jackson, in Ringgold County, Iowa.
(b) Mattie Fleming; borm November 1885 in Iowa. In 1900, Mattie, single, was living with her mother and step-father, John A. Jackson, in Ringgold County, Iowa.
  78 ix. Washington Lafayette Fleming, born 15 May 1853 in Venango County; died 12 December 1854 in Venango County.
+   79 x. Livingston Alden Fleming, born 17 November 1855 in Pennsylvania, died 5 June 1939; married (first) Caroline Jane Tucker; married (second) Frances Jane Sheldon.
  80 xi. Loretta Christiana Fleming, born 25 July 1858 in Venango County; died 3 August 1882; married 20 December 1880 William Kirkbridge.
  81 xii. Martha Lareanna Fleming, born 4 November 1860 in Harmony Township, at that time part of Venango County; died 3 July 1862
  82 xiii. Esther Caroline Fleming, born 16 December 1862.
+   83 xiv. Andrew Ulysses Grant Fleming, born 28 November 1867 in Illinois; died 2 October 1953 in Villisca, Montgomery County Iowa; married Julia Orrie Dunbar.

18. RACHEL3 FLEMING (Daniel2, John1); born 30 April 1815 in Pennsylvania; died 26 December 1884 in Waterford Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania;267 married (first) in 1832 ALDEN COPELAND, born 23 August 1801 in Orange County, Vermont,268 died 5 February 1852; buried in Stewart Run Cemetery, Hickory Township. present–day Forest County, Pennsylvania.269 Rachel married (second) JAMES FOGLE, born circa 1815 in New York, probably deceased by 1870. The name of Rachel’s second husband is known from an 1864 land deed naming the heirs of Daniel Fleming270—see also under Daniel Fleming [Sr.].

In 1860, James and Rachel Fogle were living in Harmony Township, Venango County, with three of Rachel’s children by her first husband, Alden Copeland: (James) Harvey Copeland (not married and listed as a laborer), Flavilla Copeland and Daniel Copeland. James was listed as a farmer. (The census taker listed James as Jame and “f.”)271 Living next door to James Fogle was a Henry Fogle, farmer, born circa 1811 in New York, Hannah Fogle, born circa 1816, no birth location given, and their children. Probably James and Henry were brothers. One of Henry and  Hannah’s children was Anna Fogle, born circa 1845 in Pennsylvania. She was probably the Ann Fogle, born circa 1843 in Pennsylvania, who married John Fleming (#54), a son of Andrew Fleming (#3). John Fleming and Rachel (Fleming) Fogle were first cousins.

In 1870, Rachel was living with her widowed brother Andrew Silas Fleming in Erie County, Pennsylvania.272 Also in the household were Rachel’s son Daniel Copeland and family. In 1880, Rachel, widow, was living with her granddaughters Cora and Bertha McCray and her adopted daughter Irene Patchen in Spring Creek Township, Warrren County, Pennsylvania (page 222).

Rachel (Fleming) Copeland
Rachel (Fleming) Copeland (1815-1884), late in life. From Joyce Taylor (La Luz, New Mexico), with permission.

Alden Copeland was a son of Joseph and Sally (Downer) Copeland of Vermont.273 One of Alden’s brothers was Parcus (also Parchurst/Parkhurst) Tilley Copeland, born 1807 in Bethel, Vermont.274 Parcus’s 1865 farm was in the lucrative Pithole area, see “Parcus T. Copeland farm of Pithole” in the Oil and Our Oil Creek Ancestors section. Parcus T. Copeland’s second wife was Elizabeth (Vangiesen) Culbertson, the widow of Patrick Culbertson—son of Francis and Mary (Steeples) Culbertson, see Culbertsons in the section ”Descendants Reports.” Another brother of Alden was Harvey Copeland of the Pithole area; he was born 30 December 1799; died 15 August 1883; married Mary Corbit, born 23 December 1804; died 6 February 1883.275

From Venango County Orphans Court, Will Book 3, page 92:276

Know all men by these presents that I Alden Copeland of Tionesta township, Co. of Venango, State of Pennsylvania, being of sound disposition and memory do make and publish this my last will … First, I give and bequeath to my wife Rachel Copeland one–third of my real estate … Second, the remainder to be divided between James Harvey Copeland, N. [Nancy] Flovilla Copeland, Parkhurst Alden Copeland, Daniel Copeland, and Rachel Isabell Copeland so that the girls have two thirds as much as the boys … I ordain William Fleming [this would probably be Rachel Fleming Copeland’s brother, William] as executor. Written 5 Feb. 1852, recorded 25 Feb. 1852. Witnesses: Garret Demill and John C. Jones.
This is some quoted text.

Alden and Rachel (Fleming) Copeland’s descendants can claim descent from the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony. Alden Copeland was a great great great great grandson of John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden and a second cousin twice removed of the second President of the United States, John Adams, and hence a third cousin once removed of John Adams’s son John Quincy Adams, the sixth President. With the given name “Alden,” one might expect a Mayflower/Pilgrim connection. Alden Copeland’s paternal ascent was (parents) Joseph (born 27 April 1765) and Sally Downer (no dates) Copeland to (grandparents) David (born 14 May 1738) and Elizabeth (Clapp) Copeland (born 1 July 1741) to (great grandparents) David (born 15 April 1704, died 1 December 1750) and Elizabeth (Bent) Copeland (13 January 1705, died 1774) to (great great grandparents) William and Mary (Bass) Webb Copeland (see later) to Alden’s great great great grandparents and the progenitors of the Copeland family in North America, Lawrence and Lydia (Townsend) Copeland, who were married 12 October 1651 in Boston. Lydia died circa 1687 and Lawrence died in 1699.

The above mentioned William Copeland was one of Lawrence and Lydia’s six sons, born 15 September 1656; died 30 October 1716. On 13 April 1694, William married Mary (Bass) Webb, born 11 December 1669, died 10 April 1725.277 They lived in Braintree, Massachusetts. Mary was a widow having previously married Christopher Webb (1663–1690), who died of smallpox. Mary’s parents were John (1632–1716) and Ruth (Alden) Bass (1643–1674). Ruth (Alden) Bass was the ninth of ten known children of John (1599–1687) and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden (possibly died circa 1682) of Mayflower/Pilgrim fame.278 A sister of Mary (Bass) Webb Copeland was Hannah Bass (1667–1705); she married Joseph Adams (1654–1736).279 Hannah was the second of Joseph Adams’s three wives. One of Hannah and Joseph Adams’s eight children was John Adams (1691–1761) married Susanna Boyston (1709–1797). John and Susanna were the parents of three sons, one being John Adams (born 30 October 1735 in Quincy, Massachusetts; died 4 July 1826 in Quincy). John married 25 October 1764 Abilgail Smith, born 22 November 1744, died 28 October 1818. Their first son and second of six children was John Quincy Adams, born 11 July 1767, died 23 February 1848; married 26 July 1797 Louisa Catherine Johnson.280 This Adams–Alden–Copeland panorama is best viewed as a chart.

Adams-Copeland chart

Children of Alden281 and and Rachel (Fleming) Copeland: 282

  84 i. Ann4 Copeland, born 3 June 183?. Ann was not mentioned in her father’s will. The Copeland Family Bible records lists “the first born was born in Venango County, Pennsylvania, June 3 183?.”283 Probably she died young.
85 ii. James Harvey Copeland, born 18 June 1835; died 14 March 1928 in Lorain, Ohio; married (first) Lyde Rohrer; married (second) Emma Botsford; married (third) Harriet Bingham.
  86 iii. Nancy Flavilla Copeland, born 22 February 1837;284 married (first) Lafayette Patten.285 Lafayette apparently was deceased by the time of the 1870 federal census (Ellicott, Chautaqua County, New York, census page 281), where Nancy F. Patten was living with children Marian Patten, Ida Patten and Eva [Lyde?] Patten.

Nancy Flavilla married, second, William Alexander McCray; born 26 April 1842. William McCray's first wife was Nancy's sister Rachel (#90), who died in 1872. A letter on page 55 of “The Monks–Rohrer Letters”286 indicates that in 1865 Flavilla (with child or children) had recently become a widow. In 1880, William, Nancy and their children Stella and Rollo were living in Spring Creek Township, Warren County, Pennsylvania, where William was enumerated as a farmer (page 222). Also in the family in 1880 was Nancy's children by first husband Lafayette Patten: Marian Patten, Ida Patten, and Eva [Lyde) Patten.

Children of Lafayette and Nancy (Copeland) Patten (all born in Pennsylvania):
(a) Marian A. Patten (son); born circa 1860; married Rosetta [?]; born circa 1862 in Pennsylvania. In 1880, Marian, single, was living with his mother and step-father, William McCray, in Spring Creek Township, Warren County, Pennsylvania, where he was listed as a laborer (page 222). In 1910 (page 7A), 1920 (page 7A), and 1930 (page 7B), Rollo, Rosetta and family lived in Waterford, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where Marian was in the retail grocery business.
Children of Marian and Rosetta (also Rose) Patten known from the federal cesuses (all born in Pennsylvania):
(i) Helen Patten; born circa 1891. Helen, single, was living with her parents in 1910, 1920, and 1930; in 1930 she was enumerated as assistant in grocery store.
(ii) Lucile Patten; born circa 1893. In 1920, Lucile, single and living with her parents. was listed as a stenographer.
(iii) Louis M. Patten; born crica 1895. In 1920, Louis, single and living with his parents, was enumerated as a clerk for an electrical company. In 1930, Louis, divorced, was living in East Chicago, Illinois, where he was listed as working as clerk in the traffic department of a steel mill (page 4A).
(iv) Gail A. Patten; born circa 1907. In 1930, Gail (Gayl), single and living with his parents, was enumerated as an accountant.
(b) Ida Mary Patten; born 8 March 1861; died 19 January 1956 in San Bernardino, California (re California Death Index). Ida did not marry. She was living with her mother in 1900 and 1910. In 1920 and 1930, Ida was living with her unmarried sister Lyde in Waterford, Pennsylvania, where she was listed as a tax collector for Waterford Boro (page 3B).
(c) Isabelle Patten. No information
(d) Lyde E. (also Evelyn); born circa 1865. Lyde apparently did not marry. In 1920 and 1930, she was living with her sister Ida in Waterford, Pennsylvania.

Children of William Alexander and Nancy Flavilla (Copeland) Patten McCray (both born in Pennsylvania):
(e) Stella M. McCray; born 6 January 1874; died August 1948; married Henry Wilson Taylor of Sibleyville, Pennsylvania.
Child of Henry and Stella (McCray) Taylor:
(i) Florence Taylor; born 21 April 1898; died 7 July 1976; married Glen Avery Burroughs. They had one child, Mary Elizabeth Burroughs. Her granddaughter Cameronne Mosher kindly provided the infomation on Stella McCray and desecendants.
(f) Rollo McCray; born 27 July 1876; died May 1964 (re Social Security Death Index); married Annice E. [?]; born circa 1884 in Pennsylvania. In 1900 and 1910, Rollo, single, was living with his mother in Waterford, Pennsylvania. In 1930, Rollo, Annice and daughter Mary Annice were living in Waterford, where Rollo was listed as Court Treasurer.
Child of Rollo and Annice McCray known from the 1930 federal census:
(i) Mary Annice McCray; born (private).
  87 iv. Parkhurst (Parcus) Copeland, born 18 April 1839,287 died 1853288 or 23 January 1855289 or 23 June 1855; 290 buried in Stewart Run Cemetery, Forest County, Pennsylvania. He was listed as Parkhurst in his father’s will, but as Parcus in a Forest County Orphans Court Docket 1 petition.291
  88 v. William Copeland, born 12 October 1842.292 William was not mentioned in his father’s will
89 vi. Daniel Copeland, born 26 February 1845; 293 married Rachel Evans Connely.
90 vii. Rachel Isabel Copeland, Rachel Isabel Copeland, born 2 April 1847; died 16 January 1872; married William Alexander McCray.
  NN viii. Irene A. Patchen (adopted); born circa 1854 in Pennsylvania; listed as adopted daughter in the 1880 federal census for Spring Creek Township, Warrren County, Pennsylvania, when she was living with Rachel Fleming Copeland (page 222).

19. William3 FLEMING (Daniel2, John1); born born circa 1821;294 married MARY ANN JAMISON (surname is tentative), born 22 February 1825295 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; died 13 April 1897.296 Mary Ann Jamison (Margaret Jane Jamison’s twin) was a daughter of James and Elizabeth (Lloyd) Jamison of the Cherry Tree area, Cherrytree Township—see Jamisons in the section ”Descendants Reports.”

Daniel Fleming [Sr.] did have a son William, and a William Fleming did marry Mary Ann Jamison of Cherrytree Township, but I have not yet proved that William, son of Daniel, was the William who married Mary Ann Jamison. But based on the strength of the circumstantial evidence I am confident she is the right Jamison.

In 1850, William Fleming was enumerated with his nephew Hiram Fleming in Tionesta Township, present–day Forest County.297 By 1855, William had married Mary Ann (see land deeds below). In 1860, William and family were enumerated in Tionesta Township.298 Besides Mary A., Andrew B. and Nancy E., there was a Thomas Fling? (I can not decipher the writing—could be a shortened Fleming), age 9, who was also enumerated. In 1870 William and family were in Erie County, Pennsylvania.299 William’s wife was listed as Maggie (or Molly?) and the children as “A. B., Lizzie, and Emily. Although there was no Thomas “Fling” with William and Mary Ann in 1870, there was a Thomas Fleming, age 26, listed as a merchant, living as a boarder in the household of an Angeline Morrison (no known relation to our Morrisons) in Tidioute, Deerfield Township, Warren County, in 1870.300 William, Mary and child Emily were still in Le Boeuf Township, Erie County in 1880, where William was listed as a farmer.301 Their son Andrew and family were living at dwelling 171, family 183.

Four land deeds instituted between 1846 and 1855 list William purchasing land in Tionesta Township.302 An 1855 deed lists William and wife Mary A. selling land in Tionesta County to Sylvester D. Howell.303

There was another William Fleming, a blacksmith, born circa 1820; he was enumerated in Oil Creek Township in 1870 in the household of a Samuel Fleming, born circa 1838 (and Samuel’s wife Nancy and children304 ). This Samuel Fleming was apparently not related to the Oil Creek Flemings. His dwelling was apparently a boarding house; also enumerated were Jane Stewart, born circa 1852, Ann Stewart, born circa 1854, and eight boarders counting William Fleming.

Although, speculative, possibly William Fleming had a first wife, Emily [—?—], who died shortly after her daughter was born. This is based on an Emily Fleming; died 2 January 1852; buried in Stewart Run Cemetery, Harmony Township, present–day Forest County. Buried along side Emily is an infant daughter; died 1 January, 1852, age 5 days.305 Note also that William and Mary Jane Jamison Fleming named a daughter Emily. It is remotely possible that a first marriage of William would also resolve the Thomas Fling puzzle, who, age 9, was in the 1860 household of William and Mary A. (Jamison) Fleming. He could be Thomas Fleming, son of William and first wife Emily.

Children of William and Mary Ann (Jamison) Fleming:

+   91 i. Andrew4 B. Fleming; born August 1855; married Ida E. Isherwood.
  92 ii. Nancy E. Fleming; born circa 1858.306
  93 iii. Emily Fleming; born circa 1862.307

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Oil and Our Oil Creek Ancestors
Descendants Reports
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