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Generation Four

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54. JOHN4 WESLEY FLEMING (John3, Andrew2, John1); born 12 August 1846 in Pleasantville, Pennsylvania; died 31 January 1921 in Portland, New York; married (first), 5 January 1865 in Venango County ANN FOGLE, born October 1844 in Pennsylvania; died 2 February 1906.487

Ann Fogle was probably a daughter of Henry and Hannah [—?—] Fogle of Harmony Township, Venango County (present-day Forest County), Pennsylvania. In 1860, Ann Fogle was living with her parents and eight siblings in Harmony Township.488 They were living next to James and Rachel (Fleming) Fogle. James and Henry Fogle, both born in New York, presumably were brothers. Ann’s husband John Wesley Fleming and Rachel (Fleming) Fogle were first cousins, once removed, see also under Rachel Fleming (#18). Ann (Fogle) Fleming’s siblings, known from the 1860 federal census, were Delilah, Forsyth, George, Polly, William, Samantha, Daniel and James Fogle.

In 1880, John, Annie and family were living next to his parents in Portland, Chautauqua County, New York, where John was enumerated as a farmer.489 In 1900, John, Anna and children Jessie and Carl were in North East Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania, where John W. was farming (page 1A). By 1910, Ann had died and John, still in North East Township (page 28B), had married (second) MATIDLA [—?—]; born circa 1855 in Pennsylvania; in this census John was listed as an express man for the National Express. By 1920, John W., widow, was living with his daughter, Esther, and family in North East Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania (page 15A).

Children of John Wesley and Ann (Fogle) Fleming:

+   146 i. Eva5 E. Fleming; born 1866 in Pennsylvania; married William Gillespie.
+   147 ii. George H. Fleming; born 1868 in New York; married Nettie [—?—].
+   148 iii. Henrietta Fleming; born 1869 in New York; married Neal Leat.
  149 iv. Jessie Fleming; (daughter) born October 1882 in Pennsylvania married Lavene Dexter.
  150 v. Wilmer Fleming; born November 1882 in New York state; died February 1937 in North East, Pennsylvania; married (first) E. Harriet Coulthard; born December 1885 in English Canada; she was a daughter of George and Leslie Coulthard. Wilmer married (second) Elizabeth (Bessie) Selkreg; born circa 1878 in New York state. In 1911, Wilmer and first wife Harriet were living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where Wilmer was listed as a manager of a newspaper office, re 1911 census of Canada: vitae: both Wilmer and Harriet listed they were "Scotch," that Wilmer was a Methodist and Harriet was a Disciple of Christ (Christian Church); in 1911 they lived on Jasper Avenue, Edmonton; the previous year (1910) they lived in Pennsylvania). In 1920 Wilmer and Harriet, no children reported, lived in Buffalo, Ward 19, Erie County, New York where Wilmer was enumerated as an automobile inspector (census pate 5A). In 1930, Wilmer, second wife Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's mother, Ida Selkreg, widow, born circa 1858 in New York state, were living in North East Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania (page 3A), where Wilmer was enumerated as a travelling salesman for a brush company.
Child of Wilmer and Harriet (Coulthard) Fleming known from Wilmer's obituary:
(a) [—?—] Fleming.

Norh East, Feb. 19—Funeral services for Wilmer Fleming, 56, who passed away very suddenly, were held at the Wilson & Son funeral home Monday afternoon at two o'clock. Burial was in Oak Hill cemetery.
Mr. Fleming leaves a wife and one son by a former marriage; also one brother, Carl Fleming of Erie.—from Dunkirk Evening Observer (Dunkirk, New York), 19 February 1937; online in the "Stories" section of

  151 vi. Carl Fleming; born 1888 in Pennsylvania; married Harriet (Hattie) Scherfelle; born circa 1888 in Pennsylvania. In 1920 and 1930, Carl and Harriet, no children listed, were living in Erie, Pennsylvania, where Carl was enumerated as a ship mechanic in 1920 (page 4B) and as an auto electrician in 1930 (page 1A).

55. JANE4 ANNE FLEMING (John3, Andrew2, John1); born born 11 November 1850 in Pleasantville, Pennsylvania; died 25 November 1940 in Portland, New York; married LEANDER DAVIDSON, born October 1838 in Ohio; died circa 1922. Jane and Leander did not have children. In 1900 and 1910, Leander and Jane were living in Portland, New York, where Leander was listed as a carpenter. In 1930, Jane, widow, was living by herself in Portland, New York.490

Had been Resident of Brocton, Where Her Death Occurred, for 50 Years

Mrs. Jane Ann Davidson, wife of the late Leander Davidson, died at the home of Miss Julia Burr, who has been caring for her in her illness, Monday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. She had been in ill health for several years.
Mrs. Davidson was 90 years old Nov. 11. She and her husband had been residents of Portland for about 50 years. After Mr. Davidson's death 18 years ago, Mrs. Davidson made her home in Brocton. She was a member of the Methodist church at Portland. She was a sister of the late Hugh M. Fleming, and is survived by a niece, Mrs. Jessie Dexter of West Virginia; two nephews, Clifford Fleming of Brocton and Carl Fleming of Erie, Pennsylvania.—from the Dunkirk Evening Observer (Dunkirk, New York), 26 November 1940; online in the "Stories" section of

57. HUGH4 MARCUS FLEMING (John3, Andrew2, John1); born 15 May 1858 in Forest County, Pennsylvania; died 28 July 1924 in Brocton, Chautauqua County, New York; married (first) SARAH MAILA MITCHELL; died in 1897; married (second) FRANCES VIOLA MITCHELL,491 born June 1853, a sister of Maila.

In 1880, Hugh Fleming and Ida (a pet name for Maila?) were living in Portland, New York, where Hugh was enumerated as a merchant (page 12). By 1900, Maila had died, and Hugh, widow, still in Portland, was listed as a bookkeeper (page 13A. Also in the family was Hugh and Maila's son Clifford, and Viola Mitchell, sister of Maila. Hugh married Viola circa 1904 and in 1910 the couple, lived in Portland where Hugh was enumerated as bookkeeper in a Wine Cellar (page 2B). In 1920, Hugh and Frances Viola were living by themselves in Portland, Chautauqua County, New York, where Hugh was enumerated as a bookkeeper in a cider mill.492

There is a biography of Hugh Marcus Fleming on page 550 of History of Chautauqua County, New York.492b Here are some excerps:

HUGH MARCUS FLEMING, one of the leading residents of Brocton, Chautauqua countym N. Y., secretary of the Brocton Fruit Products Company, secretary-treasurer of the Ahira Hall Memorial Library, and one of the most prominent and active men in the district. . . .His father was a farmer, who later came into Chautauqua county and was well-known in Portland township, where he settled and purchased a farm. . . . Later he [Marcus] was in the employ of a nursery in Portland Township. . . in 1899, he came to Brocton, becoming secretary and treasurer of the G. E. Ryckman Wire Company, so continuing until 1915. In 1919, he became secretary of the Brocton Fruit Products Company, the position he is holding at the present time (1921).
As a Mason, he has advanced to the thirty-second degree, and has been through practically all the chairs of the Blue Lodge, the chapter, the council and the commandery.
. . . Mr. Fleming is a man of pronounced literary inclinations and has been actively interested in the work of the Ahira Hall Memorial Library. . . .
Mr. Fleming married (first) Maila Mitchell, who died in 1897. He married (second) Viola Mitchell, sister of the first wife, both of the town of Portland. By the first marriage there was one child, Clifford Marcus, born Dec. 27 1883, who was educated in Westfield High School, and Bryant & Stratton's Business College of Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; he married Maud Hodge of Brocton, and they have two children, Francis and Charles.

Child of Hugh and Sarah (Mitchell) Fleming:

+   154 i. Clifford5 Marcus Fleming; born 27 December 1883 in Portland, Chautauqua County, New York; died 8 September 1969 in Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York; married (first) Maude M. Hodge; married (second) Amy Furman.

62. HIRAM4 J. FLEMING (John3, Daniel2, John1); born 22 February 1826 in Oil City, Cornplanter Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania; died 1887; buried in Wellington, Summer County, Kansas; married 10 March 1851 NANCY HOGUE (HOGE) who was born 24 February 1834; died 7 May 1912—her parents were Jonathan and Jane (Walton) Hogue.493 In 1850, William Fleming, born circa 1821, was living with Hiram Fleming in Tionesta Township494 He would be William Fleming (#19), son of Daniel and Nancy (Hardy) Fleming. In 1860, Hiram J. , Nancy and first three known children were enumerated in Eldred Township, Warren County, Pennsylvania.495 In 1870, Hiram J. Fleming, born circa 1826, was enumerated in Harmony Township, Forest County.496 In 1880, the family was in Eldred Township, Warren County.497

Elderkin (1888), page 51, describes Hiram Fleming as follows: “Hiram J. Fleming is a farmer and doctor, height five feet ten inches; weight 170 pounds. His family was raised in Warren County, Pa., whence they removed in 1880 to Kansas where they now reside. The children are quite intellectual and energetic.”

Children of Hiram and Nancy (Hogue) Fleming:498

  155 i. Millard5 Fillmore Fleming; born 16 October 1852 in Pennsylvania; died 6 July 1924; married May 1881 Eleanor Olive Pyle, born August 1852 in Kittanning, Pennsylania.499 In 1900. Millard and Eleanor were living next to Millard’s brother Wallace in Logan County, Oklahoma, where Millard was listed as a farmer.500 In this census, no children were listed, but Eleanor was reported to have one child, living. In 1910, Millard and Ella [Eleanor], no children, were living in Palisade Township, Bingham County, Idaho (page 11A). This census reports Millard and Ella were married 30 years and this was the first marriage for Millard and the second marriage for Ella (?Eleanor). The couple was still in Palisade Township in 1920 (page 2B).
+   156 ii. Wallace Walton Fleming; born 10 May 1854 in Oil City, Cornplanter Township, Venango County; died 13 July 1929; married Malinda Emily Hicks.
+   157 iii. Thomas Fleming; born 1 May 1855; died 10 February 1926; married Agnes Broderick.
  158 iv. Walker H. Fleming; born 18 August 1865; died 26 November 1905..501
+   159 v. Ralph Fleming; born born 23 October 1867; died 4 November 1948; married Rosa May Shore.

The 1870 census502 lists both Millard Fleming and a William Fleming as children, both 18. Perhaps William was a child (a twin of Millard?), but this could be a census error. In 1880, Millard was still with the family, but no William was listed.503 Elderkin (1888) does not list a William.

63. BUELL4 S. FLEMING(John3, Daniel2, John1); born 7 March 1828, 504 died 16 January 1886 in Harrison County, Missouri;505 married (first) in 1854 MRS. RACHEL (TUTTLE506) WALLESTON.507 Rachel Walleston had one son by her first marriage, Ebenezer Walleston, who lived in Bradford, McKean County, Pennsylvania.508 In 1865, Buell and Rachel and family were living in Warren County, Pennsylvania.509 After divorcing Rachel in 1869,510 Buell Fleming married (second) ELIZABETH MIRES, born circa 1843 in Indiana; died 22 November 1928. She was a daughter of William and Mary Mires. Ellizabeth had previously married [—?—] Smith511 In 1880, Buell, Elizabeth, son Albert, step-son Benjamin Smith, age 13, born in Missour1, and step-daughter Jennie Smith, age 6, born in Missouri, were living in Union Township, Harrison County, Missouri.512

Rachel (Tuttle) Walleston was the widow of James Walleston, Jr. 513 In 1843, James Walleston and wife Rachel sold 70 acres of land in Tionesta Township, present–day Forest County, to John [H.] Fleming.514 There is a petition for “citation to administer in the estate of James Walleston, Jr.,” dated 28 May 1860.515 The petitioner, Thomas Walleston of Eldred, Warren County, a brother of James, stated that James had died about two years ago in Tionesta Township [present–day Forest County] leaving a widow since remarried to a _____ [left blank] Fleming, and a minor child [who would be Ebenezer Walleston] now under the guardianship of the petitioner. Apparently Rachel Fleming was slow in administering the estate to the detriment of the minor child. “June 21, 1860. Served the within unit personally on the within named Rachel Fleming making known to her the content. Sheriff McAley.”

Rachel (Tuttle) Walleston Fleming was born in 1828, died in 1892, buried in Fagundas Cemetery, Triump Township, Warren County, Pennsylvania.

From the Democratic Vindicator, 9 June 1892:
Died: Mrs. Rachel Fleming, widow of Buell, at Hunter Station. Former resident of Fagundas. Aged 64. Buried at Fagundus.

Children of Buell and Rachel(Tuttle) Walleston Fleming:

  160 i. Lafayette5 Fleming; born October 1858 in Venango County, Pennsylvania;516 married, circa 1885, Loretta V. [—?—]; born October 1866 in Indiana. In 1865, after Buell and Rachel had divorced, Buell Fleming petitioned the Court for a guardian for his child, Lafayette, a minor child under the age of fourteen. The Court appointed J. H. Copeland.517 This J. H. Copeland was probably James Harvey Copeland (#85)

On 30 January 1865, J. H. Copeland petitioned the Court to make public sale of the 54 acres:
… Bounded and described as follows: on the north by lands of J. H. Fleming, on the south by lands of formerly Silas A. Fleming, on the east by the Allegheny River and on the west by lands of A. J. [he would be Andrew Jackson Fleming, son of J. R. Fleming] and J. R. [James Reed] Fleming containing fifty–four acres more or less …

Same day, 30 January 1865, the petition was granted.518

In 1880, Lafayette Fleming was living as a boarder in the household of Benjamin Clark in Union Township, Harrison County, Missouri.519

Apparently Lafayette and Loretta did not have children. In 1900, the couple was living in Creston Township, Platte County, Nebraska, where Lafayette was farming (census page 6A). By 1920, Lafayette and Loretta had moved to Oneida Township, Delaware County, where Lafayette was enumerated as a mail carrier (page 8A). By 1930, Lafayette had died, and Loretta, head of household, was still living in Oneida Township. Her sister Della N. Texley; born circa 1877 in Nebraska, and husband Gulix Texley, born circa 1865 in Norway, and son Charles Texley, born circa 1913 in Nebraska, were living with Loretta.
  161 ii. George Fleming; born 1860 in Venango County, Pennsylvania.520
+   162 iii. Eleanor Irene Fleming; born 1862 in Venango County, Pennsylvania; married 1880 John Hunter.
Children of Buell and second wife Elizabeth (Mires) Fleming (all born in Harrison County, Missouri):521

+   163 iv. Albert5 Fleming; born 5 April 1877 in Harrison County, Missouri; died 23 November 1970 in King County, Washington; married Gertrude Mae Strain
+   164 v. Orville P. Fleming (twin); born 17 November 1882; died 18 April 1967; married (first) Nettie [—?—]; married (second) Rose T. Peterson.
+   165 vi. Chester Arthur Fleming (twin); born 17 November 1882 in Bethany, Harrison County, Missouri; died 18 August 1970 in San Francisco, California; married Nancy Ethel Hogan.

64. NANCY4 H. FLEMING(John3, Daniel2, John1); born 7 May 1830522 in present–day Forest County, Pennsylvania; died 31 October 1911;523 married October 1853 in Warren County, Pennsylvania, JOHN J. MAIN, born 21 June 1820 in Cattaraugus County, New York; died 14 November 1878.524 In 1870 the family was in Eldred Township, Warren County; in 1880 Nancy Fleming Main was living as a widow in Eldred Township, Warren County; in 1900, Nancy, widow, was living by herself in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. This census reported that Nancy had four children, one living.525

John J. Main contracted his farm for $18,000 during the oil excitement, but because of natural disasters and the war coming to an end, he was never paid.526 Here is what Elderkin, page 52, says about Nancy Fleming Main: “Nancy is a remarkable woman in many good works. Her disposition is mild, her industry untiring, her work never ending—and her patience equal to any emergency. She was unequally–yoked, and carried an unequal share of the cares and burdens of life.”

Children of John and Nancy H. (Fleming) Main:

  166 i. Lewellin5 B. Main; born December 1855 in Warren County, Pennsylvania; died 1856.527
  167 ii. Florence5 M. Main; born 3 July 1858 in Warren County.528
+   168 iiii. Flora Bell Main; born 3 March 1860 in Eldred Township, Warren County; married (first) George T. Flood; married (second) James F. Brush.
  169 iv. Lafayette5 M. Main; born 29 May 1867 in Warren County.529

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